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Create a Bullet Journal

bullet journal

If you struggle to stay organized, write yourself  “reminders” only to misplace them, or find that planning and keeping track of everything takes more time than you’d like, it’s time to learn about Bullet Journals. Combining the functions of a to-do-list, a planner, and a diary, a bullet journal or ‘bujo’ (concept conceived by designer Ryder Carroll) is a simple, efficient, and intuitive method for managing everything going on in your life with minimal time and effort. Setting short and long term goals in various aspects of your life be they professional, social, health/fitness, financial and/or personal and tracking your progress over time helps with motivation and provides tangible proof of what you’ve accomplished, and can take as little as five minutes a day. The only two materials required to start are a notebook and a pen, which will be provided. Sponsored by the Friends of MHL.