Memorial Hall Library

Healthy & Allergen Free Baking 101

Are you thinking that now is the time to begin eating healthier, but you don’t want to give up those desserts you really enjoy?  Do food allergies or dietary restrictions prevent your family members from enjoying the sweets they crave?  Would you like to know how to adapt your favorite baked recipes to accommodate almost any food need you and your family have?  Come learn the “secrets” to substituting ingredients in recipes to create desserts which not only are healthier for you but delicious tasting, too.                      

Through her personal experience and her knowledge from cooking for family owned restaurants, Paula Castner has almost forty years of familiarity with food allergies and almost twenty years of experience with hypoglycemic and diabetic requirements. Unwilling to give up the treats she likes to eat, she has spent years discovering and perfecting the best ways to make cakes, cookies, breads, and more which meet a variety of dietary needs but also satisfy the desire for something tasty and sweet.

She brings her expertise in a one and a half to two hour workshop format, including handouts to bring home.  She has spoken for PTOs, churches and libraries, and she has her own blog,, which addresses how people can comfortably live the life they want, eating what they enjoy, despite dietary limitations.

Sponsored by the Friends of MHL.