Memorial Hall Library

Fish On! Andover 2019: A Modern Fly Fishing Experience

Geoff Klane

Fishing videos from 6:00-7:00pm. Seminar starts at 7:00pm. Weekly door prizes!

Geoff Klane had fished a few times before he graduated from Champlain College in Vermont, where he studied digital filmmaking. Once he moved to Lowell and saw the canal system there, he picked up a fly rod to see what the city and the rest of New England had to offer. Now, whether it's freshwater for carp, bass, or trout, or going to the ocean for striper, false albacore, or anything else that swims, Geoff loves to chase it with a fly rod in hand. In his program, he will focus on exploring what is necessary and what one will experience if they go fishing, or on a guided trip with him in Lowell. He will discuss tackle requirements, fly selection, what sorts of fish you will find, and must visit spots in the city. You can check out Geoff's work on, on his @Brackishflies, on, and reviews from happy customers on the Brackish Flies Facebook page.

Sponsored by the Friends of MHL.