Memorial Hall Library

Karen Bussolini: An Eco-friendly Garden Coach Problem Solving Session

beforeWhen you don’t love your garden or it’s just too much work, putting your finger on what the problem might be isn’t always easy, but it’s the first step toward garden happiness. Maybe it’s bad pruning (or none at all  because it’s too scary to start), site problems, awkward spaces, erosion, shade, dry or wet soil, wrong plant for the place, too few plants or too many, lack of character or color, high maintenance.

Karen Bussolini is on a mission to stamp out boring, high-maintenance landscapes. She will get the discussion going by showing a few Before and After photos of gardens she worked on with homeowners in her capacity as an eco-friendly garden coach. It always helps to look at your garden with fresh eyes, so she will talk through her thought process when encountering a new property.Then we’ll look at some “Befores” for interactive brainstorming to get creative juices flowing. The session will be fun, friendly and informative – all ideas welcome.

Karen Bussolini has been a gardener all her life. She trained as a painter and was an architectural photographer before specializing in garden photography, writing, speaking and eco-friendly garden coaching/design. She is a NOFA (Northeast Organic Farmers Association) Accredited Organic Land Care Professional. Her garden has been featured in many publications, including Anne Raver’s feature, “A Hillside of Feisty Beauties” in The New York Times.after

A program of the Andover Seed Library Lecture Series, sponsored by the FRIENDS of MHL.