Memorial Hall Library

Smart Starts to Beautiful Edible Gardens

Joann Vieira

Creating edible gardens that are a pleasure to behold, as well as highly productive, should be the norm. Horticultural Consultant, Joann Vieira will share tips and ideas for making your vegetable garden a feast for the eyes as well as the table. She'll include a brief primer on seed-saving and starting, storage and viability.

As the founding Director of Horticulture at Tower Hill Botanic Garden, Joann Vieira held the lead horticulture position at the garden for nearly 30 years, helping to shape the gardens, landscape and plant collections through the major garden and building development. She served as the President of the Horticultural Club of Boston; is a past board member of the Ecological Landscape Association; has served on the Awards Committee of the American Public Garden Association; was the staff lead for the Cary Award Committee; and served on many of the Worcester County Horticultural Society committees.  Joann is the recipient of the Worcester County Horticultural Society and Massachusetts Horticultural Society Silver Medals, The Thomas Roland Medal of the Massachusetts Horticultural Society, and the 2018 recipient of the Beacon Award of the Massachusetts Association of Landscape Professionals. Joann currently provides design and horticultural expertise to public and private clients, is a frequent lecturer on a variety of horticultural topics throughout the region, and contributes to horticultural publications regionally and nationally.

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A program of the Andover Seed Library Lecture Series, sponsored by the Friends of MHL and Village Garden Club of Andover.