Memorial Hall Library

Prison Book Program

kelly holding a stack of books
Wednesday, October 4, 2023 - 7:00pm

Kelly Brotzman, Managing Director of the Prison Book Program in Quincy, will talk about the issue of access to books and information for people in prison, the role books play in incarcerated people’s lives, and the work the Prison Book Program does to support incarcerated people’s right to read.

The mission of the Prison Book Program is to support people in prison by sending them free books and print resources that meet their specific needs and interests. They also provide a highly engaging volunteer experience that connects people inside and outside of the American prison system. They believe that everyone has a right to read, and that books are tremendous sources of enlightenment, enjoyment, and transformation. They also strive to lessen the dehumanization and isolation of incarceration by providing readers with a connection to a community of caring people.

Kelly Brotzman’s passion for supporting people in prison comes from her experiences teaching college classes in prisons and volunteering with incarcerated students. Prior to joining PBP, Kelly spent 20 years in higher education, teaching classes about social justice, poverty, and inequality. Kelly has a PhD in ethics from the University of Chicago. 

Banned Books Week is October 1st-7th- help us celebrate the freedom to read and join us to learn how the Prison Book Program increases access to books for incarcerated people across the country.