Memorial Hall Library

Beyond Kilts and Lederhosen: Is DNA Testing Right for You?

Jennifer Stone Randolph

DNA testing for ancestry has exploded in popularity due to aggressive marketing campaigns and lower prices.  But, is genetic testing the right choice for you?  This presentation will explore the kinds of questions testing can and cannot answer, and advise how to choose the best test and the best provider for your particular goals.  Issues such as privacy, accuracy, the potential for discovery of unexpected results, and the importance of being an informed consumer will also be discussed.

Jennifer Stone Randolph is the owner of New Hampshire-based Touchstone Genealogy, a provider of professional genealogical services with a focus on the use of DNA testing.  Jennifer has over ten years’ experience in genealogy, and holds certificates in Genealogical Research (Boston University) and Genetic Genealogy (Excelsior College).  Jennifer also works as a Research Scientist for the Geisel School of Medicine at Dartmouth, and holds a B.A. in Anthropology and an M.Sc. in Epidemiology.  Jennifer particularly enjoys genetic genealogy as it combines her passions for science, family, and solving mysteries!

Sponsored by the Friends of MHL.