Memorial Hall Library

Security Camera Policy


The Town of Andover maintains security cameras inside and outside of Memorial Hall Library to help insure the safety of library patrons and staff. The cameras also serve as a deterrent to theft, vandalism or other illegal activities in the Library and on Library grounds.


The Library strives to protect patron privacy and confidentiality. Signs are posted on the Library doors indicating that cameras are in use. Cameras will not be placed in areas where there is a reasonable expectation of privacy, such as in restrooms. Nor will they be positioned to identify a person’s reading, viewing or listening activities.

The recorders and the recorded data are located in a limited access, controlled area. When an incident occurs that may affect the safety and security of the Library and its occupants, or may be required for potential legal proceedings, the Town/Library reserves the right to save recordings for as long as necessary.

Access to Security Camera Data

Only the Library Director, the Assistant Director, the Systems Librarian, the Town of Andover’s Security Officer, the Town Manager, and law enforcement officials are authorized to view raw recorded data.

All requests for security camera footage will be made to the Library Director or Assistant Director. The individual who makes the request will be advised to file a complaint with law enforcement officials, should they suspect illegal activity.

Authorized Town security staff will access data only when requested by law enforcement officials, the Library, or the Town of Andover in accordance with applicable state and federal laws. Library staff cannot access security camera data.

On those occasions when an incident occurs that may affect the safety and security of the Library and its occupants, the Library/Town reserves the right to review camera footage without the involvement of law enforcement officials.

Approved: Memorial Hall Library Board of Trustees, October 8, 2014