Memorial Hall Library

Art Exhibits

Memorial Hall Library features two locations for rotating art exhibits to enhance the experience of our patrons when they use the library. In addition, the art exhibits provide local artists an opportunity to connect with the community.

Exhibit areas

The first area is a hanging system on the library's first floor near the Customer Service Desk. This display area highlights a local artist or a group of artists each month. Items for this display area must be framed and properly wired for hanging.

This art display area features three sections — over the hold pickup shelves, over the information screen, and behind the Customer Service Desk. Display pieces may range in size or be uniform, but we typically hang 1 piece per hanger over 8-10 hangers. Larger, wider pieces may need two hangers for stability, thus reducing the number of pieces available for the exhibit.

Map of art display sizes

exhibit space leftmost

exhibit space center

exhibit space behind circ desk

The second area consists of a glass cabinet located in the Reference area. This display case is perfect for smaller art pieces, sculptures, and collectibles. The cabinets' dimensions are approximately 6′ H x 5′ W x 18" D with 4 adjustable shelves. Items in these display cases may remain on exhibit for one month or longer depending on the current display schedule.

To apply for an exhibit

To be considered for one of the art display areas, complete the library's request for consideration form below. Accepted artists will work with the Community Services Librarian to schedule a month or time for the exhibit and to arrange for delivery and pickup of the pieces. Upon delivery of the collection, each artist must complete and return Memorial Hall Library's Display Agreement and Release (pdf 10.3k).

Artists who have a monthly exhibit will be included as the "Artist of the month" on the library's web site and email newsletter. Artists are welcome to include a brief biographical statement, personal photograph, business cards, and brochures. A price list can be kept at the Customer Service Desk if desired. If patrons are interested in purchasing a piece of artwork, they will be referred to the artist to handle the sale. If a piece is sold during the exhibit, we ask that it remain for the duration of the exhibit or that another piece be substituted to keep the exhibit complete.

Request for Consideration Form

Select a month

For additional information, contact Gerry Deyermond, Assistant Head of Circulation at or 978-623-8421.