Memorial Hall Library

Mission / Vision / Core Values Statements

Our Mission

Memorial Hall Library's mission is to be an exceptional and innovative public library for the Andover community. The library provides materials in a wide variety of formats, as well as the space, technology, programs, and staffing essential to providing 21st century public library service.

Our Vision

Memorial Hall Library is a community partner dedicated to helping the Town of Andover and its citizens realize their full potential. Library patrons experience Memorial Hall Library as a responsive, vital resource meeting their individual needs and offering a memorable and personal library experience. Lives are enriched through a lifelong relationship with ideas, art, literature, information, and technology.

Our Core Values

Free, fair, and equal access for all
For our customers, for each other, for privacy and confidentiality, for our institutional history, for the materials, space and funds entrusted to us
Of reading, of service, of diversity, of innovation
Creating a culture of community and belonging for the staff and for the citizens of our town, at all stages of their lives
To know, to excel, to learn, to lead
To fulfill the library's role as a fundamental institution in a democratic society

Adopted by Memorial Hall Library Board of Trustees September 15, 2010