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September 2023 Mid-Month Sudoku

This puzzle becomes available in September, the month in which International Talk Like a Pirate Day has been observed every year since 2002. Did you know Mango Languages has a six-lesson course on how to talk like a pirate? (Mango can help you learn over 70 other languages, so why not?) Anyway, to commemorate the occasion, we leave you with this joke to tell a friend:

You: What is a pirate's favorite letter?
Friend: Is it R (arr!)?
You [in your best pirate voice]: No! It be the C!

If your friend guesses C, it's time to go into advanced mode.

You: No, it's not C. It's P, because without it, he would be irate.
You: Also, P is like Rrrr, but it's missing a leg...

Enjoy this month's puzzle!