Masks are Required in the Library

by order of the Town of Andover Select Board, September 13, 2021

Memorial Hall Library


December 2021 Puzzle: Fun & Games

Did you know the library has tons of games you can take home? Check them out at If you don't see one you like, suggest one! We'd love to hear from you!

November 2021 Mid-Month Sudoku

Can't get enough puzzles? Check out previous sudokus and crosswords created by MHL staff at  You can also visit us in person to photocopy the puzzles printed in the newspapers...

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November 2021 Puzzle: Old Media Formats

If you've got memories stored on old media, ask us about our Digitization Station! It lets you convert VHS cassettes to DVD or video files, vinyl LPs to CD or audio files, and other media...

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October 2021 Mid-Month Sudoku

Want to improve your Sudoku skills?  While practice makes perfect--which is where this puzzle helps--sometimes it's good to get outside tips and tricks.  If that's the case, this e-book (available with your library card) promises, among other...

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October 2021 Puzzle

The theme to this month's crossword is in the circled squares. Happy solving!

September 2021 Mid-Month Sudoku

In addition to our mid-month Sudoku series and our monthly crossword puzzle series, the library is happy to offer a variety of entertainment to our patrons.  In addition to our circulating board game & jigsaw puzzle collections (check out episode 13 of...

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September 2021 Puzzle

The theme of this month's crossword includes names of famous authors. If you'd like get an email or text whenever the library orders new titles by your favorite authors, be sure to subscribe to Author Alerts. It's a fast, free,...

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August 2021 Mid-Month Sudoku

As I was cataloging an item for the Andover Room, our local history collection, I noticed the cover listed Memorial Hall Library's phone number as simply "314," which looks more like a combination you'd see in Sudoku than a phone number! ...

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August 2021 Puzzle

The month's crossword features a Wall Street aphorism that many investors can likely relate to. If you are someone who's into investing, speculating and trading, or personal wealth management, make sure you're aware of the resources offered by the library which can help you make the right...

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July 2021 Mid-Month Sudoku

We hope your're keeping cool while you enjoy this month's Sudoku puzzle!  In addition to puzzles, MHL offers a variety of resources, including an e-book on how to use...

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