American Elm, Andover, circa 1900

photographer unknown
west end of the building, overlooking the patio


The library is our information window – allowing us to engage with our community, our history, our environment, and our world. That information comes in many forms. The Trustees of Memorial Hall Library are pleased to present this beautiful photographic image to the Town.

American Elm on building
American Elm on building

Choosing this dramatic image of a single American elm, circa 1900, compliments the library's location in Elm Square. Elm Square is named for the towering elms that once grew in the historic center of Andover, on the grounds of Phillips and Abbot Academies, and throughout the Town's broad agricultural landscape. Dutch elm disease dramatically changed this environment during the 20th century. First identified in 1928, the disease is spread by the elm bark beetle that invaded the North American continent. The disease would eventually kill most of the Town's magnificent elms. This monumental artwork visually reminds us of the fragility of our natural world, changed every day by human activity.

The banner installation provides balance to the high vertical expanse of the contemporary 1987 west end addition of the Library. This image from nature frames the new outdoor patio area, with its colorful umbrellas, container garden, sculpture and tall Armstrong maple tree, softening the effect of the background hardscape.

The concept for the banner came from Karen Herman, President of the Trustees, who researched the historic tree photographs in the Andover Historical Society's archive. Andover resident Suzanne Korschun, a graphic design professional and member of the Town's Design Review Board, worked with Karen to select and develop the image for large-scale production and installation. The Library would like to thank the Trustees, the Andover Historical Society and Suzanne Korschun for their role in bringing public art into the life of all who visit Memorial Hall Library.

Installed July 31, 2013

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