Memorial Hall Library

Andover Room Collection Policy


The Andover Room collection is primarily a collection of materials on Andover history and genealogy as well as materials on Memorial Hall Library. Additional Merrimack Valley and Massachusetts materials may be collected if they relate to the primary collection or are of help in using the primary collection. Although donations are encouraged and accepted, the library cannot generally accept voluminous materials on any particular organization or subject. Individuals offering such donations may be referred to the Andover Historical Society.

Andover Authors

The Andover authors collection consists of a limited number of works by important historic Andover authors and more current, well-reviewed Andover authors. The collection encompasses both fiction and non-fiction, adult and children's books.

Books, Pamphlets and Ephemera

Within the general scope of the collection, the library will collect books, pamphlets, and ephemera, on such subjects as Andover organizations, local government, churches, schools, companies, and biographical material on important Andover residents.


Scrapbooks of local newspaper clippings pertaining to the library, Andover business, town government, local schools, and Andover town history are kept on a permanent basis. Decisions on articles to be added are based on the historical significance to the town of Andover and to Memorial Hall Library.

Town Government Documents

  • Andover Annual Reports, Town Meeting Transcripts, Budgets, Finance Committee Reports, and Capital Improvement Program Reports are retained on a permanent basis.
  • Tax records and annual school reports are retained from past years; the library does not collect current reports.
  • Current copies of Bylaws, Finance Committee Minutes, Selectman Minutes, School Committee Minutes, and Warrants are retained. These documents, along with audio and videotapes of town meetings, are not held on a permanent basis. Each of these materials is held for a specific length of time.
  • Other town documents not listed will be held permanently or not as determined by usefulness to patrons and holdings of the town clerk's office.

Directories and Yearbooks

  • Andover High School yearbooks are collected and held permanently.
  • Town of Andover Board of Registrar's Street Lists are collected and held permanently.
  • All greater Lawrence commercial street directories that include Andover, as well as phone directories that contain Andover listings, will be collected and held permanently.


The collection will include primarily maps of Andover. Regional maps may be included on a limited basis.


  • The collection will include only those objects having to do with Memorial Hall Library.
  • Civil War prints and objects are not considered part of the Andover Room Collection.

Audiocassettes and Reel-to-Reel Tapes

Except as indicated under town government documents, the audio materials collected will be about Memorial Hall Library, with the occasional exception of important historical materials relating to the rest of the collection.

Other Materials

Selected materials from the Civil War and historical Children's book collection are housed in the Andover Room for preservation purposes.

Andover Files

Andover Files are not located in the Andover Room, and are not strictly part of the Andover Room collection, but they are part of Andover materials in the library. The Andover Files consist of recent pamphlets, newspaper clippings, and reports on Andover topics of current interest. The Files are kept in a public area and the public is encouraged to browse in these files; however, the material does not circulate. Material is weeded from the Andover Files from time to time. Annual Andover government reports are kept in the Files for 5 years only, and then transferred to the Andover Room. Other material removed from the Files may be placed in the Andover Room.


Access to the collection is limited. A patron may request up to 5 items at one time. A reference librarian will remove them from the Andover Room and give them to the patron. The patron must leave his or her license or library card at the Reference Desk until all material is returned. A patron may enter the Andover Room with a librarian to view the collection. However, no patron may remain in the room without a librarian present.


Most paper items may be photocopied by the patron. However, some especially fragile items may have slips inserted that indicate that the material must be copied by a staff member. The library reserves the right to limit copying of material, especially non-print material, because of copyright, condition of material, and other considerations.

Approved by the Library Board of Trustees, March 6, 2002
Minor edits made March 12, 2009