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Memorial Hall Library, Circa late 1800'sThe Andover Room Collection consists of print and electronic books on Andover history and genealogy.  Scrapbooks, pamphlets and ephemera on subjects such as Andover organizations, local government, churches, schools, companies and people are also in the collection.  In addition, the room houses town government documents, yearbooks, street lists and maps.  The Andover Townsman newspaper is available on microfilm and online

Access to the collection is limited.  A patron may request up to 5 items at one time to use within the library.  A library card or license is held at the Reference Desk until all material is returned and inspected.  Photocopying and photographing materials is allowed with some exceptions. 

Andover Room material can be found by searching the Library Catalog and by consulting the following list. 

Contact Stephanie Aude, Local History Reference Librarian, at or 978-623-8430 for assistance.

The Andover Center for History & Culture has extensive historical and genealogical document and image collections and is located half a mile from the library.

Call number Title Author Year Barcode
ANDOVER ROOM R 929.2 OLV Album of the descendants of Robert and Mary Jaffray Thomson : [1786-2002] / 2003 31330006497717
ANDOVER ROOM R 929.2 OVERTON The American ancestry and descendants of Joel Overton, 1779-1844 and Naomi Wells, 1775-1865, his wife. Overton, Ernest Clark, 1970 31330001336977
ANDOVER ROOM R 929.2 PARKER FAMILY Peaks and Parkers. Parker, Wilmond W. 1930 31330003552241
ANDOVER ROOM R 929.2 PARKER FAMILY Peaks and Parkers. Parker, Wilmond W. 1930 31330003552258
ANDOVER ROOM R 929.2 PARKER FAMILY Peaks and Parkers. Parker, Wilmond W. 1930 31330003552266
ANDOVER ROOM R 929.2 PEPOON Various notes about the Pepoon, Campbell, Plunkett, Kellogg and Rockwell families. 1968 31330001336985
ANDOVER ROOM R 929.2 PETERS Peters of New England : a genealogy, and family history / Peters, Edmond Frank 1903 31330001337009
ANDOVER ROOM R 929.2 PHILLIPS Phillips genealogies : including the family of George Phillips, first minister of Watertown, Mass. ... also the families of Ebenezer Phillips, of Southboro, Mass., Thomas Phillips, of Duxbury, Mass., Thomas Phillips, of Marshfield, Mass., John... Phillips, Albert Merritt, 1885 31330001337017
ANDOVER ROOM R 929.2 PIK The genealogy of the first fourteen male members of South Parish Church in Andover Massachusetts : Andover Massachusetts, founded on October 17, 1711 / Pike, Julie. 2011 31330007216835
ANDOVER ROOM R 929.2 POORE A memoir and genealogy of John Poore. Poor, Alfred, 1881 31330001337025
ANDOVER ROOM R 929.2 PRESTON Bassett-Preston ancestors : a history of the ancestors in America of Marion Bassett Luitweiler, Howard Murray Bassett, Preston Rogers Bassett, Isabel Bassett Wasson and Helen Bassett Hauser ... / Preston, Mary Isabella, 1930 31330001336993
ANDOVER ROOM R 929.2 PUT The Putnams of Salem Village : including an index of Putnam deeds and wills from 1626 to 1699 / Putnam, Harold, 1997 31330007477056
ANDOVER ROOM R 929.2 RHO Genealogical charts, the Brown-Moulthrop families. Rhoades, Nelson Osgood, 1918 31330002452914
ANDOVER ROOM R 929.2 RICHARDSON The Richardson memorial : comprising a full history and genealogy of the posterity of the three brothers, Ezekiel, Samuel, and Thomas Richardson, who came from England, and united with others in the foundation of Woburn, Massachusetts, in the year... Vinton, John Adams, 1876 31330001337033
ANDOVER ROOM R 929.2 ROLLINS Records of families of the name Rawlins or Rollins, in the United States. : In two parts / Rollins, John Rodman, 1874 31330001337041
ANDOVER ROOM R 929.2 SEARLES The Searles saga / Flinton, Martina 1976 31330004149914
ANDOVER ROOM R 929.2 SHU The families : a genealogical study of the families Abbott, Jenks, Estes, Klock, Wilcox, Weber, Schuman, Dale, Brown, White / Schuman, Bernard K. 1986 31330002412264
ANDOVER ROOM R 929.2 SPR (PAMPHLET BOX 5 Spring Grove Cemetery : information and rules and regulations approved and adopted June 30, 1941. 1941 31330006244176
ANDOVER ROOM R 929.2 SPRAGUE The Spragues of Malden, Massachusetts / Chamberlain, George Walter, 1923 31330001337058
ANDOVER ROOM R 929.2 SPRAGUE A Sprague family genealogy : the ancestors of Thomas Spencer Sprague, IV, and Franklin Wiatt Sprague in America / Sprague, Thomas Spencer, 1987 31330001351513
ANDOVER ROOM R 929.2 STEVENS Stevens genealogy. : Some descendants of the Fitz Stephen family in England and New England. Stevens, C. Ellis (Charles Ellis), 1904 31330001337066
ANDOVER ROOM R 929.2 WARD The William Ward genealogy; the history of the descendants of William Ward of Sudbury, Mass., 1638-1925. Martyn, Charles, 1925 31330001337074
ANDOVER ROOM R 929.2 WES West genealogy : with the following andover names : with the following Andover names ; Abbott, Aslebee, Baker, Chandler, Farnum, Frye, Holt, Lovejoy, Osgood, Stewart, West, Weinhold. 1960 31330002108946
ANDOVER ROOM R 929.2 WESLEY Memoirs of the Wesley family : collected principally from original documents / 1860 31330001337082
ANDOVER ROOM R 929.2 WILBUR Genealogical record of the Wilbur family / Wilbur, Asa 1871 31330001337090
ANDOVER ROOM R 929.2 WILKINS The family of Bray Wilkins : patriarch of Will's Hill, of Salem (Middleton), Mass. / Hill, William Carroll, 1943 31330001337116
ANDOVER ROOM R 929.2 WILLIS Willis records; or, Records of the Willis family of Haverhill, Portland, and Boston / Willis, Pauline, 1906 31330001337108
ANDOVER ROOM R 929.2 WINTHROP The generations joined : Winthrops in America. 1977 31330003991811
ANDOVER ROOM R 929.2 WRIGHT Wright family : Walter and Susannah Wright ; nine generations and allied families for one line of descent and their lives, loves, labors, and travels in New England, New York, Wisconsin, Missouri, and Illinois / Wright, Rebecca, 2008 31330007439650
ANDOVER ROOM R 929.2/1939 SUPPLEMENT A genealogical register of the descendants of Thomas Flint, of Salem. Flint, John. 1860 31330001336761
ANDOVER ROOM R 929.2097 BRO Americans of royal descent. Browning, Charles Henry. 1894 31330001337124
ANDOVER ROOM R 929.3 BAN Topographical dictionary of 2885 English emigrants to New England, 1620-1650. Banks, Charles Edward, 1963 31330001337132
ANDOVER ROOM R 929.3 ESS Essex County deeds, 1675 : abstracts of volumes 5, copy books, Essex County, Massachusetts / 2008 31330006860773
ANDOVER ROOM R 929.3 FAR A genealogical register of the first settlers of New England : containing an alphabetical list of the governours ... to which are added various genealogical and biographical notes, collected from ancient records, manuscripts, and printed works / Farmer, John, 1964 31330001337140
ANDOVER ROOM R 929.3 HOL Boston beginnings, 1630-1699 / Holbrook, Jay Mack. 1980 31330001337157
ANDOVER ROOM R 929.3 IRI The Irish ancestor. 1969 31330001337454
ANDOVER ROOM R 929.3 PAS Passengers to America : a consolidation of ship passenger lists from the New England historical and genealogical register / 1977 31330002738023
ANDOVER ROOM R 929.3 RES Research in Essex County, Massachusetts / 2010 31330006868594
ANDOVER ROOM R 929.37 MCG A history of the Irish settlers in North America : from the earliest period to the census of 1850 / McGee, Thomas D'Arcy, 1851 31330001334030
ANDOVER ROOM R 929.374 DIR Directory of the ancestral heads of New England families, 1620-1700 / Holmes, Frank R. 1984 31330002454258
ANDOVER ROOM R 929.374 SAN Third supplement to Torrey's New England marriages prior to 1700 / Sanborn, Melinde Lutz. 2003 31330005249689
ANDOVER ROOM R 929.374 TOR New England marriages prior to 1700 / Torrey, Clarence Almon, 1985 31330002311292
ANDOVER ROOM R 929.4 BOW Suffolk surnames / Bowditch, N. I. (Nathaniel Ingersoll), 1858 31330001337165
ANDOVER ROOM R 929.4 MAS List of persons whose names have been changed in Massachusetts. 1780-1892 / Massachusetts. Office of the Secretary of State. 1893 31330001337173
ANDOVER ROOM R 942.2 AND Andover : the official guide / 31330008756052
ANDOVER ROOM R 942.2 AND Andover : the official guide / 1971 31330008756060
ANDOVER ROOM R 942.2 AND Andover, Hampshire, England : a potted history. 1974 31330007495835
ANDOVER ROOM R 942.2 AND (PAMPHLET BOX 6 Andover : seen and remembered / 1980 31330002097701
ANDOVER ROOM R 942.2 BEN Things passed away : being a series of miscellaneous articles relating to bygone Andover and its inhabitants / Bennett, Arthur C. 1918 31330007495850
ANDOVER ROOM R 942.2 BRI The north-west Hampshire agricultural labourer, 1867-1875 / Brickell, George E. 1970 31330007493194
ANDOVER ROOM R 942.2 DAR The Corporation of Andover, 1599-1835 / Darrah, Mary Josephine. 1970 31330007493202
ANDOVER ROOM R 942.2 EAR Men of Andover / Earney, Hubert Wyndham. 1970 31330007493251
ANDOVER ROOM R 942.2 GRE The new poor law, 1846 / Great Britain. Parliament. House of Commons. Select Committee to Inquire into the Administration of the Poor Laws in the Andover Union. 1970 31330007493186
ANDOVER ROOM R 942.2 REG Register of the unreformed Corporation of Andover - 1599 until 1835. 1971 31330007492204
ANDOVER ROOM R 942.2 SPA Inclosure award, 1785 / Spaul, John Edward Houghton. 1970 31330007493210
ANDOVER ROOM R 942.2 WAR Timber framed building in Andover / Warmington, Richard. 1970 31330007493228
ANDOVER ROOM R 942.2 WAT History of Andover / Watthews, Elizabeth M. 1971 31330007495843
ANDOVER ROOM R 942.27 TEM Andover : a pictorial history / Tempero, Derek J. 1991 31330003225053
ANDOVER ROOM R 959.604 UND Under the sugar palm trees : memoirs of Cambodian refugees living in Lawrence, Massachusetts / 2003 31330005410075
ANDOVER ROOM R 973.11 GOO The ruins of Great Ireland in New England : ... by william B. Goodwin / Goodwin, William Brownell, 1946 31330001337363
ANDOVER ROOM R 973.3 HEI Historical register of officers of the Continental Army during the War of the Revolution, April, 1775 to December, 1783 / Heitman, Francis B. (Francis Bernard), 1893 31330003112491
ANDOVER ROOM R 973.3 SAF Records of the revolutionary war / Saffell, W. T. R. (William Thomas Roberts), 1894 31330003112483
ANDOVER ROOM R 973.3 UNI A census of pensioners for revolutionary or military services : with their names, ages, and places of residence, as returned by the marshals of the several judicial districts, under the act for taking the sixth census. --. United States. Census Office. 1841 31330001337389
ANDOVER ROOM R 973.34 MAS / VOL. 1 Massachusetts soldiers and sailors of the Revolutionary War. : A compilation from the archives, prepared and published by the Secretary of the Commonwealth in accordance with chapter 100, resolves of 1891. Massachusetts. Office of the Secretary of State. 1908 31330001337405
ANDOVER ROOM R 973.524 PEA Records of the Massachusetts volunteer militia called out by the Governor of Massachusetts to suppress a threatened invasion during the war of 1812-14 / Massachusetts. Adjutant General's Office. 1913 31330001337371
ANDOVER ROOM R 973.7 BOS / PAMPHLET BOX Report of the Joint Special Committee on the Burial of Massachusetts Dead at Gettysburg : with a list of the Massachusetts soldiers buried in the National Cemetery, and other matters in relation thereto. Boston (Mass.). Joint Special Committee on the Burial of Massachusetts Dead at Gettysburg. 1863 31330007199221
ANDOVER ROOM R 973.7 GUE, V. 2 Harper's pictorial history of the Great Rebellion. Guernsey, Alfred H. (Alfred Hudson), 1866 31330006053700
ANDOVER ROOM R 973.7 HAY War between the states : autographs and biographical information / Hayes, James P. 1989 31330002461501
ANDOVER ROOM R 973.7 MOA Frank Leslie's illustrated famous leaders and battle scenes of the Civil War ... / Moat, Louis Shepheard. 1896 31330002675472
ANDOVER ROOM R 973.7 P21 / V.1 History of the Civil War in America / Paris, Louis-Philippe-Albert d'Orléans, 1875 31330001599137
ANDOVER ROOM R 973.7 UNI Selected civil war maps : reproduced from originals made by the U.S. Coast Survey, 1861-65. U.S. Coast and Geodetic Survey. 1962 31330001342272
ANDOVER ROOM R 973.73 C15/ VOL. 5 Campaigns of the civil war ... 1881 31330001600430
ANDOVER ROOM R 973.74 A547 The Fifty-seventh regiment of Massachusetts volunteers in the war of the rebellion. : Army of the Potomac / Anderson, John, 1896 31330001733694
ANDOVER ROOM R 973.74 A651 History of the Fifth Massachusetts battery : organized October 3, 1861, mustered out June 12, 1865. United States. Army. 1902 31330001733702
ANDOVER ROOM R 973.74 B44 The history of the Tenth Massachusetts Battery of Light Artillery in the War of the Rebellion : formerly of the Third Corps and afterwards of Hancock's Second Corps, Army of the Potomac, 1862-1865 / Billings, John Davis, 1909 31330001733710
ANDOVER ROOM R 973.74 B94 History of the Thirty-sixth regiment Massachusetts volunteers. 1862-1865 / United States. Army. 1884 31330001733736
ANDOVER ROOM R 973.74 BRU The twentieth regiment of Massachusetts volunteer infantry, 1861-1865 / Bruce, George A. (George Anson) 1906 31330001733728
ANDOVER ROOM R 973.74 BUR One gallant rush : Robert Gould Shaw and his brave Black Regiment. --. Burchard, Peter. 1965 31330001733744
ANDOVER ROOM R 973.74 CIV, V. 1 Civil War papers. read before the Commandery of the state of Massachusetts, military order of the loyal legion of the United States. 1900 31330006826584
ANDOVER ROOM R 973.74 CIV, V. 2 Civil War papers. read before the Commandery of the state of Massachusetts, military order of the loyal legion of the United States. 1900 31330006825065
ANDOVER ROOM R 973.74 D44 Bearing arms in the Twenty-seventh Massachusetts regiment of volunteer infantry.. : 1861-1865. --. Derby, W. P. 1883 31330001733777
ANDOVER ROOM R 973.74 E94 The Third Massachusetts Cavalry in the War of the Union [microform] / Ewer, James K. (James Kendall), 1903 31330001733793
ANDOVER ROOM R 973.74 EMI History of the Fifty-fourth regiment of Massachusetts volunteer infantry, 1863-1865 / Emilio, Luis Fenellosa, 1894 31330001733785
ANDOVER ROOM R 973.74 F75 The story of the fifteenth regiment Massachusetts volunteer infantry in the civil war, 1861-1864 / Ford, Andrew Elmer. 1898 31330001733819
ANDOVER ROOM R 973.74 G15 The Third Massachusetts Regiment Volunteer Militia in the War of the Rebellion, 1861-1863 / Gammons, John Gray, 1906 31330001733827
ANDOVER ROOM R 973.74 G17 Record of the service of the Forty-Fourth Massachusetts Volunteer Militia in North Carolina, August 1862 to May 1863. --. United States. Army. 1887 31330001733835
ANDOVER ROOM R 973.74 H62T The Tenth regiment, Massachusetts volunteer infantry, 1861-1864 : a western Massachusetts regiment / Roe, Alfred S. (Alfred Seelye), 1909 31330001733975
ANDOVER ROOM R 973.74 HIS History of the Forty-eighth regiment, M. V. M. during the civil war / Plummer, Albert 1907 31330001334048
ANDOVER ROOM R 973.74 MAS / VOL. 1 Massachusetts soldiers, sailors, and marines in the civil war. Massachusetts. Adjutant General's Office. 1931 31330001337413
ANDOVER ROOM R 973.74 MAS / VOL. 1 Record of the Massachusetts volunteers, 1861-1865. published by the Adjutant General, under a resolve of the General Court. Massachusetts. Adjutant General's Office. 1868 31330001733934
ANDOVER ROOM R 973.74 MAS / VOL. 2 Record of the Massachusetts volunteers, 1861-1865. published by the Adjutant General, under a resolve of the General Court. Massachusetts. Adjutant General's Office. 1868 31330001733942
ANDOVER ROOM R 973.74 NAS History and complete roster of the Massachusetts regiments : Minute Men of '61 who responded to the first call of President Abraham Lincoln, April 15, 1861, to defend the Flag and Constitution of the United States together with photographs and... Nason, George W. (George Warren), 1910 31330001342157
ANDOVER ROOM R 973.74 OFF Official army register of the volunteer force of the United States army for the year 1861, '62, '63, '64, '65 ... United States. Adjutant-General's Office 1865 31330002115768
ANDOVER ROOM R 973.74 QUI The record of the Second Massachusetts infantry, 1861-65 / Quint, Alonzo H. (Alonzo Hall), 1867 31330001733959
ANDOVER ROOM R 973.74 R62TH The Thirty-ninth Regiment Massachusetts Volunteers, 1862-1865 / Roe, Alfred S. (Alfred Seelye), 1914 31330001733983
ANDOVER ROOM R 973.74 R62TW The Twenty-fourth regiment, Massachusuetts volunteers, 1861-1866 : "New England guard regiment" / Roe, Alfred S. (Alfred Seelye), 1907 31330001733991
ANDOVER ROOM R 973.74 ROE The Fifth regiment Massachusetts volunteer infantry in its three tours of duty 1861, 1862-'63, 1864 / Roe, Alfred S. (Alfred Seelye), 1911 31330001334055
ANDOVER ROOM R 973.74 SCH / VOL. 1 A history of Massachusetts in the civil war. Schouler, William, 1868 31330001734007
ANDOVER ROOM R 973.74 SCH / VOL. 2 A history of Massachusetts in the civil war /. Schouler, William, 1868 31330001734015
ANDOVER ROOM R 973.74 W67 A history of the Negro troops in the war of the rebellion, 1861-1865 / Williams, George Washington, 1969 31330001734056