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Check out our new Tween Collection!

new tween collection for middle school readers

We are happy to announce that the library has a new section for patrons to peruse: our Tween Collection! Ask a librarian to check out this section - it's located in the Teen Room on Level 1 - or see these Frequently Asked Questions for more information.

tween shelves

What is a tween?
A tween can be defined in many different ways. Some people will say tweens are aged 8 to 12; others 10 to 13. For the library and the purposes of this collection, we defined a tween as a middle school student (in grades 6-8).

What is a tween book?
A tween book is one that we have determined will have the greatest appeal to middle school students, the issues they are facing, and their developmental stage. There can be a lot of crossover between the Tween Collection, the Children's Collection, and the Teen Collection, meaning that some titles might be in all three places. That's OK! It just means that there are more chances for patrons to get the books they want and need.

Why make a Tween Collection?
Before making the Tween Collection, the books shelved in our Teen Room served patrons in grades 6 through 12, all mixed together. There's a wide range of experiences reflected in books in the Teen Room and not every book is right for every reader. A student just entering 7th grade and one about to graduate from high school will likely be looking for radically different books with a variety of issues, concepts, and themes. A 7th grader may not want - or be ready for - books that a 12th grader is reading and vice versa. We hope that this collection will help both middle schoolers and high schoolers find the books that are appealing and interesting for them. With the Tween books located in the Teen Room, it makes it easier for librarians to help patrons find what they want and also for students to move between Tween and Teen.

Where is the Tween Collection located?
The Tween collection lives in the Teen Room (Level 1) on the three shelves behind the Teen Room desk. They are organized alphabetically by the author's last name. Although the space is behind the Teen Room desk, patrons are welcome to walk in that area to browse the collection. They don't need to ask for permission, but are welcome to ask for assistance!

How do I tell if something is a Tween book or a Teen book?
Every Tween book has a blue and green sticker that says "TWEEN" on the spine. The spine label will say "Tween, Author Last Name, Author's First Initial" and the call number will be "TWEEN FICTION."

shelf view with tween sticker

Does that mean my middle schooler can't check out Teen books or Children's books anymore?
Of course not! Middle schoolers - and all patrons - can check out whatever they like! We hope that the Tween Collection makes it easier for most middle school readers to find books that are just right for them. For certain popular books, there may be multiple copies--one in the children's room and one in the Tween Collection. In that case, both copies will be the same material; there isn't a different tween edition of a book, it's simply our way of acknowledging that a book may appeal strongly to a 5th grader as well as a 7th grader, and we want to make it as easy as possible for a reader to find their perfect book. Every student and family is different so the perfect book looks different for everyone. We are happy to help patrons find books whever they are comfortable: Children's, Tween, Teen, or anywhere!