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Memorial Hall Library

Internet Access and Computer Use

Memorial Hall Library is committed to providing access to informational, educational, recreational and cultural resources for library users of all ages and backgrounds. Throughout its history, MHL has made information available in a variety of formats, including print materials, microforms, audiovisual materials, and electronic resources. The library's computer system provides the opportunity to integrate electronic resources from information networks around the world with the library's other resources. The library's goal in providing Internet access is to enhance its existing collection in size and depth and to give anyone who wishes to use the Internet the chance to do so.

Library staff continuously identifies and posts on the library's website age-specific starting points for searches that are appropriate to the library's mission and service roles. Reference librarians will help you use the computers to find the information you need.


Memorial Hall Library seeks to provide equal access to information for persons of all ages. With regard to the Internet, the library does not selectively choose (i.e. filter) which electronic resources to make available. Just as parents are encouraged to discuss appropriate use of other library materials, the library encourages parents to discuss with their children the appropriate use of electronic resources available through the Internet. (See also our Statement on Filtering). 

Legal Compliance

The library will not tolerate use of its computers and network in a way that violates local, state, or federal law. 

Public Environment 

Whether using a library computer or a personal laptop, patrons are expected to refrain from displaying graphics which are inappropriate for public viewing, or playing audio that could disturb other patrons.


Illegal activities or activities that interfere with or disrupt the network, users, services or equipment are prohibited and not protected by the library's privacy policy. The library does not routinely monitor public computers, but reserves the right to do so when a violation of this policy or illegal activity is suspected. Staff is authorized to take immediate action to protect the security of computers and the network. This includes confiscating any removable media, requiring a user to leave a computer or the premises, and contacting law enforcement authorities.

Copyright and Licensing

You are responsible for complying with copyright law, licensing agreements and the policies of individual websites that you view.

Saving Your Data and Files

If the computer you are using powers off for any reason, any stored information from your session is deleted. We encourage you to use a removable storage device, like a thumb drive, to store your data regularly while working in Microsoft Office and other applications.


Although we do not keep any permanent record of the sites you visit or the files you create, we would caution that complete privacy on shared computers is not a realistic expectation. However, we do try to protect your privacy to the maximum extent possible. We strongly suggest that you reboot the computer when you are finished. The computer reboots itself after a certain time of inactivity. (See also: Your Privacy and Confidentiality on MHL Computers

Additional Information

  • The computers in the Reference Area are available to patrons of all ages at all times.  The computers in the Teen Room are restricted to teens when school is not in session during the week, and from 1-5 on Saturdays and Sundays.  The computers in the Children's Room are restricted to children through age 12 and their caregivers.
  • Users must cooperate with librarians as requested to insure equitable computer use and a safe computing environment. Failure to do so may result in loss of computer privileges.
  • Users may plug any appropriate device into the front ports on our computers, but may not remove anything from the back of the computers.
  • Use headphones when listening to audio content, and keep volume low so you do not disturb others.
  • Do not gather around/stand behind computer users since doing so may obstruct or distract other patrons.
  • Computers in the Teen Room are restricted to Teens when school is not in session during the week, and from 1-5 on Saturdays and Sundays.
  • The library offers free wireless internet access throughout the building.

Children's Room Computer Use

The Children's Room provides Internet access to children through age 12. A menu is displayed on the introductory screen which connects the user to Internet sites specifically designed for children. The Internet is an ever changing source of information and not all sites are accurate or current. Many sites are inappropriate for children, and therefore parents are encouraged to come to the library and use the Internet with their children. Ultimate responsibility for how children use the Internet is a matter for parents and their children to decide.

Adults and teens unaccompanied by children are not permitted to use the computers in the Children's Room. 

Approved by the Memorial Hall Library Board of Trustees, May 6, 1998.
Modified by the Trustees December 6, 2000; November 7, 2001; March 12, 2003; September 17, 2003, November 5, 2008, October 12, 2016