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Jellicle Books for Jellicle Cats

Are you mean like a minx? Are you lean like a lynx? Are you keen to be seen when you're smelling a rat? Where you there when the pharaohs commissioned the Sphinx? If you were and you are, you're a Jellicle cat, and here are some books you might enjoy.

Whether or not you're a fan of musicals, you still might find something to enjoy from this list of nonfiction titles recommended for various characters from Andrew Lloyd Webber's Cats.

Big magic : creative living beyond fear
Big magic : creative living beyond fear
by Elizabeth Gilbert
For Mr. Mistoffelees, the Magical Cat

The best-selling author of Eat Pray Love builds on her personal generative process to counsel readers on how to let go of needless suffering while learning to understand the mysterious nature of inspiration and creativity. 
Text me when you get home : the evolution and triumph of modern female friendship
A personal and sociological examination of the evolution of female friendship in pop culture and modern society draws on the experiences of diverse women and the author's own life to celebrate how the bonds between women have evolved to have as much significance as relationships with romantic partners and family members.
The Kids Are in Bed : Finding Time for Yourself in the Chaos of Parenting
For Jennyanydots, the Gumbie Cat
A best-selling author discusses ways for harried parents to enjoy the limited downtime they have to engage in fulfilling and pleasurable activities and reconnect with their real adult selves. 
A really big lunch
A really big lunch
by Jim Harrison

For Bustopher Jones, the Gourmand
An array to be published on the one-year anniversary of the author's death collects many of his food essays for the first time—from the titular New Yorker piece about a French lunch that went to 37 courses to pieces on the relationship between hunter and prey and the obscure language of wine reviews.
You Do You : Figuring Out Your Body, Dating, and Sexuality
You Do You : Figuring Out Your Body, Dating, and Sexuality
by Sarah Mirk

For Rum Tum Tugger, the Curious Cat
Teen sex. STIs. Sexting. Rape. Sexual harassment. #MeToo and #YesAllWomen. Today's teens launch into their sexual lives facing challenging issues but with little if any formalized learning about sex and human reproduction. Many of them get their sex ed from online porn. Through this authoritative, inclusive, and teen-friendly overview, readers learn the basics about sex, sexuality, human reproduction and development, birth control, gender identity, healthy communication, dating, relationships and break ups, the importance of consent, safety, body positivity and healthy lifestyles, media myths, and more. Advice-column-style Q&As and real-life stories add human drama and authenticity. 
Unmasked : a memoir
Unmasked : a memoir
by Andrew Lloyd Webber

For Gus, the Theatre Cat
Published to coincide with his 70th birthday, a memoir by the award-winning composer, producer and impresario of some of the most recognized musicals in theater history traces his half-century career, sharing insights into his eccentric, diverse family; his Oxford education; his creative process; and the events that shaped his characters and productions.
Train : riding the rails that created the modern world : from the Trans-Siberian to the Southwest Chief
For Skimbleshanks, the Railway Cat

Chronicles the innovation and sociological impact of railway technology that continues to change the world, examining the mechanics of rails and their engines and their role in helping societies evolve while analyzing America's culture of ambivalence to mass transit as reflected by the example case of the perpetually stalled line between Los Angeles and San Francisco. 
Older, but better, but older
Older, but better, but older
by Caroline de Maigret

For Grizabella, the Glamour Cat
Capturing moments of everyday life that will make readers nod, cringe and laugh out loud, the bestselling authors of How to be Parisian—focusing on the French woman’s mindset as she hits 40— address beauty, love, seduction as well as lifestyle, family, work and living alone.
Stay sexy & don't get murdered : the definitive how-to guide
Stay sexy & don't get murdered : the definitive how-to guide
by Karen Kilgariff

For Bombalurina, the Seductive Cat
A dual memoir by the hosts of the My Favorite Murder podcast share never-before-heard stories about their battles with depression, eating disorders and addiction, sharing insights into the cultural forces that prevent people from being their own advocates
Beyond these walls : rethinking crime and punishment in the United States
The author of Grave Matters presents a groundbreaking investigation into the roots of the American criminal justice system to link the broken practices of the Trump administration to failures in past racial, gender and class reforms.
Cats : nature and nurture
Cats : nature and nurture
by Andy Hirsch

For Old Deuteronomy
Bean, a calico kitten abandoned on the streets, explores the history of domesticated cats, detailing how evolution and selective breeding have developed such traits in cats as retractable claws, slit pupils, and sense of balance.