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Miss Kim

Bonne Chance Miss Kim!

Memorial Hall Library will soon be saying au revoir to Children’s Librarian Miss Kim! After twelve and a half wonderful years with us, she will be moving on to work for her family’s business. Please know Miss Kim will sorely miss all of the dear “chickadees” who attended her story times, both in...

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Goofy Craft; Silly Goose

Goofy Crafts: Silly Goose

Join Miss Amy for this week's Goofy Craft and make a Silly Goose using a paper plate, feathers, plastic spoon (preferably white or another color; not clear), tape and/or glue, markers, scissors. Optional: colored paper, googly eyes, decorative "bling". ...

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Listen! Imagine! Create! Thank You Sarah

Listen! Imagine! Create! Thank You Sarah

Listen to Thank You, Sarah by Laurie Halse Anderson. Make a thank you letter, or a letter of suggestion....

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Thankfulness tree

Goofy Crafts: Thankfulness tree

Miss Kate shows you how to make a Thankfulness tree! For this you will need a small flower pot or empty can, some small rocks or clay, a stick or branch, paper, ribbon, markers and scissors.

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Cute dragon

Read Together: Dragons

This new program is a chance to share some stories as a family then make something with an idea provided by our librarians.  Read Together is for families with all ages as we will suggest a couple of books for different reading levels.  Or, parents can choose to read the books aloud to kids. ...

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Listen! Imagine! Create!:  Air Power

Listen! Imagine! Create! Air Power

Miss Kate will share a story called I Race the Wind, which includes some experiments, then make a
small paper twirler.  The craft requires paper, scissors, a marker, and a paper clip.

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Goofy Crafts: Leaf Faces

Ms Beth shows you how to make a face with goofy leaf hair using cardstock, pencil, scissors, glue stick, real or fake leaves and crayons or markers.

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Listen! Imagine! Create! The Thank you book

Join Ms Beth for a couple of books about being thankful and grateful and make a gratitiude banner.  You will need cardstock, scissors, glue stick, yarn and markers or crayons.

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Book talks with Miss Kim and Miss Amy

Miss Kim and Miss Amy talk about some new books and some old favorites!

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Goofy Crafts: Woven feathers turkey

Join Miss Kim for a fun turkey craft using a paper plate, a piece of heavy paper (like the front of a cereal or cracker box), crayons or markers (especially the colors brown, orange, and red), a skein of multicolored yarn or string, googly eyes (2),...

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