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Book talks

Talking books with Miss Kim and Miss Kate

Join Miss Kim and Miss Kate for some ideas for what to read next!

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Goofy Craft-Candy Corn!

Goofy Crafts

Join Miss Kim for this session and create something using candy corn!  The items you will need are as, yellow and green contruction paper, crayons or markers, glue, scissors, google eyes, and a bag of candy corn.  *This session we are also going to make a healthy candy corn snack...

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Listen! Imagine! Create! The Great Ball Game by Joseph Bruchac

Miss Kim shares this Native American folk tale and helps you make a craft using black, pink, and white construction paper, scissors, glue, and google eyes.

Handprint Owls

Goofy Crafts: Handprint Owls

Today's Goofy Craft is Handprint Owls with Miss Beth.  You will need construction paper or card stock (color of your choice, plus white and yellow); 2 feathers; a pencil; glue stick; black marker and scissors. 

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Henri's Scissors

Listen! Imagine! Create!: Henri's Scissors

Join Miss Amy as she shares Henri's Scissors by Jeanette Winter and then make a craft to go along with the story!

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Goofy Crafts:  Jellyfish

Goofy Crafts

Join Miss Amy to make a Goofy Jellyfish! Materials needed are a paper plate, crepe paper streamers, markers or
crayons, yarn and tape. 

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Talking books with Miss Kim and Miss Beth

Miss Kim and Miss Beth share some books appropriate for upper elementary level readers:  The remarkable journey of Coyote Sunrise by Dan...

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Leaf Man

Listen! Imagine! Create!: Leaf Man

Miss Kate shares Leaf Man by Lois Ehlert and then makes her own leaf man with real leaves!

Goofy Crafts: Pop-Up Goblin

Goofy Crafts: Pop-Up Goblin!

Join Miss Kate as she creates a Pop-Up Goblin using paper, markers, a stick or straw and a paper cup!

Listen! Imagine! Create! Chicken Big!

Ms Beth shares the funny story of Chicken Big by Keith Graves, a humorous retelling of the classic Chicken Little story.  Then we'll make a chick craft with white paper and markers, or green, orange and black paper, cotton balls, yellow chalk, paper grass, egg shells (real or plastic) glue, a...

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