Memorial Hall Library

Memorial Hall Library Rules

The modern public library is a busy community space as well as a place for traditional library pursuits. Everyone is welcome in the library.  Quiet conversation and group study are permitted in all areas of the building, with the exception of Level 2, which is a Silent Study area.

On Friday afternoons and school early release days, the library is heavily used by students.  We strongly suggest that those patrons who prefer a more traditional library experience plan their library visits accordingly.

Patrons who exhibit behavior inconsistent with the following rules may be asked to leave the library.

  1. Cell phone ringers should be turned off in all locations and cell phone conversations should take place in our two lobbies or outside the library.
  2. No smoking or vaping is permitted in the library. Patrons are welcome to consume covered drinks and snack foods such as fruit and packaged cookies except at the public computers and in Memorial Hall.
  3. Shirts and shoes must be worn in the library. Patrons whose bodily hygiene is offensive so as to constitute a nuisance to other persons shall be required to leave the building.
  4. Damaging library property is forbidden. All materials must be checked out before leaving the building.
  5. Verbally or physically harassing any staff member or patron is forbidden. If a patron has a concern about a policy or procedure, or about another person’s behavior, the patron must speak with a staff member rather than interacting directly with the other person. Violating other library patrons' privacy by campaigning, soliciting, or petitioning is also forbidden.
  6. With the exception of service animals, no animals are allowed in the library building without the approval of the Library Director.
  7. Parents/guardians are responsible for the supervision of their children. Children under the age of ten should not be left unattended in any part of the building.  See our Safe Child Policy.
  8. Patrons are responsible for their personal property. Please do not leave items unattended.
  9. Bicycles, roller blades, skateboards, scooters, or similar equipment may not be used in the building, on the rear patio, in the parking lot, or on library property. Bicycles should be secured in the racks on the rear parking lot island. Skateboards and scooters should be secured in the rack on the rear patio.
  10. Patrons must follow the rules for the use of the library's computers and printers posted in the Reference area. See Internet Access and Computer Use Policy.
  11. Use of the library's Teen Room during non-school hours is limited to students currently enrolled in either middle or senior high school, to students being home-schooled who are of similar age, and to teenagers through age 18.
  12. Library staff has the authority to interpret and apply these rules.

Any patron violating the above rules may be denied access to the library by the Library Director or Director's designee. Patrons whose privileges have been denied may have the decision reviewed by the Library Board of Trustees.

Approved: Board of Library Trustees, Feb 12, 2014 Updated: Oct 8, 2014; June 24, 2015, October 12, 2016, September 13, 2017