Memorial Hall Library

Parking at the library

Parking kiosks in the library parking lot

The Library is located in the center of town, on North Main Street (Route 28) at the intersection of Elm, Main and Central Streets (also known as Elm Square). Other streets surrounding the library are Pearson Street and Essex Street.

There is a large, Pay-by-license plate parking lot behind the library. Entrances to the lot are on Essex Street and Pearson Street.

  • The parking lot is owned, controlled, and policed by the Town of Andover, not the library. For more information, please contact the Parking Hearing Officer at Town Hall at 978-623-8945.
  • Parking is Pay-by-license plate: Up to 4 hours at $.50 per hour. You can choose to receive a receipt when prompted but this is optional -- you do not need to put a receipt on your dashboard.
  • Pay-by-license plate is in effect from 8 am to 6 pm except Sundays and holidays. There are also two free 15 minute parking spaces behind Andolinis.
  • In the event that the library parking lot is full, there is street parking on Elm, Central, Essex, and Pearson Streets. Most of this parking is for two hours.
  • Reading Cooperative Bank and Bank of America have graciously offered to let you use their parking lots on Sundays and in the evenings when our lots are full because of events at the library. Entrances to both bank lots are on Central Street.

How to pay for parking

Pay at the kiosk

  1. Push Start Button to begin
  2. Enter your license plate number, then press the green button
  3. Select the time desired 
  4. Insert coins, bills or credit card
  5. Press green button to complete


Pay by app on your phone

  1. Get the app at or search for Passport Parking in your app store
  2. Create an account
  3. Enter zone*, license plate number, time desired, credit cared number, and complete.

For more information, watch the video tutorial.

*The library lot's zone number is 494.


Access for Visitors With Disabilities

The rear entrance to the library is wheelchair accessible.  Handicapped van and auto parking is available in the lot behind the library.  Patrons with handicapped placards in or on their vehicle do not have to pay for parking whether they are parked in handicapped or "regular" spaces.