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Divergent on PlayawayPlayaway is the simplest way to listen to an audio book on the go. It comes with the book already on it. Simply plug in headphones and enjoy. No cassettes or CDs. No downloads. There's nothing left to do but listen.

Our growing collection of Playaway titles includes:

Look for them in the audiobook section of the library. More can be found in the Teen Room and the Children's Room.


How big is a Playaway and how much content can it hold?
Playaway is about half the size of a deck of cards and holds content that ranges from six to twenty hours of play time.

How long does one AAA battery last?
Every Playaway is circulated with a pre-loaded standard AAA battery that will provide up to 12 hours of playtime. Depending on total playtime, some titles come with an extra battery.

How do I know how much battery life is left in my unit?
The Playaway LCD has a small battery icon that is displayed on screen. There are four levels of battery life reflected in the icon. When one bar is left in the battery icon, you have 20% power left.

How do I change the battery?
Locate the battery clip at the wide base of the player. Then, use a coin or a screwdriver to push the clip which will allow you to unsnap and remove the cover. After that, remove and discard the old battery and replace with a fully charged battery. Lastly, snap the cover back into place.

What does the audio sound like on a Playaway?
Playaway audio is of equal or greater quality to digital downloads available today.

How does Playaway compare to audio on cassette or CD?
Playaway is more convenient and easier to enjoy than juggling multiple CDs, cassettes or a separate player. Playaway allows the listener to control the speed of the narrator's voice and digitally bookmark up to 50 spots - to hold their place or mark a quote worth going back to.

How does Playaway compare to digital downloads and other forms of on-the-go downloading like cell phones?
Playaway comes pre-loaded with digital content, so it does not require transferring, subscriptions, memberships, or even an Internet connection. Just plug-in your headphones and listen wherever you go.

What headphones or earphones work with the Playaway?
Playaway was designed with a universal headphone jack to work with almost any type of headphones, earphones, ear-buds, speakers or car adapters.

Will the Playaway I check out from the Library have earphones included?
Because so many listeners use and prefer their own earphones, they are not circulated along with the Playaway. Ear-buds are available for purchase at the circulation desk for a nominal charge of $1.00.

Can I use Playaway in my car?
Yes. Playaway was specifically designed to use most commonly available cassette adapters and FM transmitters.

What do I do if my Playaway locks up?
Sometimes you will notice a delay in the audio track. First, turn it on and off. If that doesn't solve the problem, remove and reinsert the battery.

Can I add, delete or transfer content to or from a Playaway?
In order to protect the copyrighted works of authors and publishers as traditional books do, you are unable to make copies of Playaway.

How do I remove bookmarks from my Version 1.0 Playaway?
In order to remove previous bookmarks you must press the bookmark button at the time you are viewing the bookmark on the LCD screen. The fastest way to do this is by using the "Skip Forward" button. You will be able to view each chapter and bookmark for that title.