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Teen Book Bags

The Memorial Hall Library Teen Services Librarians want to create a personalized book bag just for you! We know that it's more difficult to access the library these days so we want to give tween and teen readers another opportunity to get some great books to read. If you'd like to receive a bag of 3-5 books we think you will enjoy as well as some fun prizes and activities, please fill out the form below.

Frequently Asked Questions:

How long will it take to receive my teen book bag?

Once we receive your form, we will contact you within a week to let you know your bag is ready. It takes staff time to consider your request and pick the best books for you. Your bag will not be ready immediately after submitting the form.

Where will I pick up my teen book bag?

After the bags are assembled, they're placed on a cart or table in the teen room, labelled with the teen's name. Once you've been notified that your bag is ready, you can come in the teen room same day to pick it up there, if you're comfortable coming inside the library. (Make sure to check the library's building hours for the day! Due to COVID protocols we have a rotating schedule of public hours.) If you'd prefer a contact-free Grab & Go appointment for your teen book bag, please email us at to request this. Please do not schedule your own Grab & Go appointment for this or assume that your teen book bag will be added to an existing Grab & Go appointment automatically--the teen book bag Grab & Go appointments must be scheduled separately. Grab & Go appointments must be scheduled at least a day in advance. (Sorry, we know this all seems complicated but our top priority is keeping staff & patrons safe!)

Can I get a book bag for a child younger than 6th grade?

Yes! Fill out this form to request a children's book bundle prepared by children's room staff.

What about a book bag for adults?

At this time we are not offering this service for adults. However, you can request personalized book recommendations here.

More questions? Feel free to contact us at or give us a call at 978-623-8432. If you're ready to request your teen book bag, continue on to fill out the form.

* Over the summer please select the grade you are entering in the fall.
If you are an Andover Public Schools student, would you like us to include one book from your grade's summer reading list in your book bag? We will choose one that we think you will enjoy based on your reading preferences. Please keep in mind that this will be subject to availability, and that the school only requires you to read one book off of your grade's list. If you do not attend Andover Public Schools, please reach out to us directly for help with other schools' required summer reading. If you already know which specific book you'd like to read, please request it directly through the catalog (or contact us if you need help placing a hold).
For each of the following, mark the button that indicates your interests.
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