Memorial Hall Library

Food Insecurity in Andover

food insecurity
Monday, December 4, 2023 - 7:00pm

Join us to learn about the issue of food insecurity right here in Andover. Hear about available resources and services, how to access them, and how to support local food initiatives.

This program will be presented by Ellen Townson and Meredith Moody. Ellen represents Andover in the Regional Food Resiliency Partnership, a group of municipalities and food resource providers that coordinate food resources for the Merrimack Valley region. Ellen and Meredith both serve on the South Church Social Justice Coalition, where Andover's food insecurity concerns are a main focus.

Also joining us at this program is Jennifer Lemmerman, Chief Policy Officer at Project Bread, an organization that connects people and communities in Massachusetts to reliable sources of food while advocating for policies that make food more accessible—so that no one goes hungry.