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Books about Andover

The call number given is for the Special Collections copy. Many of these titles have circulating copies as well.  Ask at the Reference Desk for the circulating copy.

Andover (Images of America series). Andrew Grilz for the Andover Historical Society. Arcadia Publishing, 2009. (Andover Room R 974.45 Gri)
Grilz was assisted in compiling the book by an editorial team of Andover Historical Society board members and volunteers. Norma Gammon, an Andover Historical Society board member and former selectman, contributed the foreword.

Andover: a Century of Change, 1896-1996. Richardson, Eleanor Motley. Donning Co.,1995. ( R Andover Room 974.45 Ric)
Enlivened by many personal narratives, this book illustrates Andover's daily life and institutions during the last 100 years.

Andover, As I Remember It. Doherty, James D. Doherty, 1992. (Andover Room R 974.45 Doh)
An Andoverite's personal reminiscences of Main Street, Ballardvale and West Andover as well as diverse aspects of Andover life from churches to memorable people.

Andover Historic Building Survey. Andover Historical Commission. Prepared for the town by the Andover Historical Commission, 1978. (Andover Room R 917.45 And)
16 binders of historic building information: photographs, descriptions, and architectural significance of Andover's historic buildings and homes.

Andover in the American Revolution: a New England Town in a Period of Crisis, 1763-1790. Harris, Edward Moseley. Walsworth Pub. Co., 1976. (R Andover Room 974.45.Har)
Both the military and the civic events of the period between the French and Indian War and George Washington's election, and the reaction of the townspeople to those events.

Andover in the Civil War: The Spirit & Sacrifice of a New England Town. Patrakis, Joan Silva. History Press, 2008. (Andover Room R 974.45 Pat)
Drawing on journals, letters and newspaper articles, this work chronicles the experiences of Andover men who fought in the Civil War.

Andover, Massachusetts: Historical Selections From Four Centuries. Mofford, Juliet Haines. Merrimack Valley Preservation Press, 2004. (Andover Room R 974.45 Mof)
This work contains an introduction by James Batchelder.

Andover, Massachusetts, in the World War. Fuess, Claude M. The Andover Press, 1921. (Andover Room R 974.45 Fue)
Vivid and detailed description of the home effort during World War I, as well as veteran's biographies .

Andover Stories. (Andover Room 974.45 And )
History of Andover told through stories and photographs.

Andover, Symbol of New England. Andover Townsman and the Andover Historical Society. (Andover Room R 974.45 Fue)

Andover, What It Was, What It Is: 300th Anniversary, May 30-June 2, 1946 /300th Anniversary Edition. Townsman Press, 1947. (Andover Room R 974.45 And)
A chronicle of 300 years of change, heavily illustrated with old and new photographs.

AVIS, a History in Conservation. Mofford, Juliet Haines. Andover Village Improvement Society, 1980. (Andover Room R 333.7 Mof)
Definitive history of the conservation movement in Andover.

Cry Witch: the Andovers Remember 1692/Andover Historical Society. Andover Historical Society, 2000. (Andover Room R 133.40974 Cry)
Collection of articles on the unique factors in Andover which led to 50 witchcraft accusations in 1692, more than in any other New England town.

Elm Square: The Photographs of Richard Graber/Text by Richard Graber and recollections of the people of Andover, 1996. (Andover Room R 133.40974 Gra)
Collection of photographs of Elm Square through the years

Four Generations: Population, Land, and Family in Colonial Andover, Massachusetts. Greven, Philip J. Cornell University Press, 1970. (Andover Room R 974.45 Gre)
Focuses on the significance of land control within family relationships in 17th and 18th century Andover.

Historical Sketches of Andover, (Comprising the Present Towns of North Andover and Andover). Bailey, Sarah Loring. Houghton, Mifflin and Company, 1880. (Andover Room R 974.45 Bai)
Published in the 19th century, this is the most complete and well-documented history of Andover .

History of Ballardvale. Memorial Hall Library, 1995. (Andover Room R 974.45 His)
Compilation of brief articles whose subjects, among others, include the railroad, the old Ballardvale Methodist Church , and the Ballard Vale and other mills.

History of the Andover Theological Seminary. Woods, Leonard. J.R. Osgood, 1885. (Andover Room R 207 Woo)
Written by one of its founders, this is the first comprehensive history of the influential seminary at Andover.

Legendary Locals of Andover. Dalton, Bill & Katharine. Acadia Publishing, 2013. (Andover Room R 974.45 Dal)
These pages are filled with the stories of people who created the admirable, complex tapestry that is Andover.

Mills, Mansions, and Mergers: the Life of William M. Wood. Roddy, Edward G. Merrimack Valley Textile Museum, 1982. (Andover Room R B Wood, Wi.)
Biography of William Wood, founder of both the giant American Woolen Company and Shawsheen Village, an innovative experiment in suburban planning.

The Record of Andover During the Rebellion. Raymond, Samuel. W.F. Draper, 1875. (Andover Room R 974.45 Ray)
Detailed contemporary record of Andover's actions to support the Union, including army personnel records.

The Townswoman's Andover. Goldsmith, Bessie P. Andover Historical Society, 1964. (Andover Room R 974.45 Gol)
From Decoration Day Coconuts to the derivation of street names, aspects of daily life in 19th century Andover.

The Valley & Its Peoples: an Illustrated History of the Lower Merrimack. Hudon, Paul. Windsor Publications, 1982. (R Andover Room 974.4 Hud)
Well-illustratated history of the valley from the earliest times with an emphasis on commerce and industry, including a section of early 1980s company profiles.

Youth From Every Quarter: a Bicentennial History of Phillips Academy, Andover. Allis, Frederick S. Phillips Academy, 1979. (Andover Room R 373 All)
Well-researched, evocatively detailed, biography of the school and its people.