Memorial Hall Library

Street Directories 1894-1920

Memorial Hall Library has digitized some of its early commercial street directories and is making them available in the form of pdf files. You can download the entire file (caution: if you have a slow connection , be aware that these files are very large!) or choose blocks of pages that are of particular interest. The Table of Contents from each directory is separately listed and the remaining contents split into 50 page blocks. Note, however, that page numbers listed in the Table of Contents will not correspond exactly to the page numbers in the pdf files. Note also that all Townsman directories have separate Ballardvale sections located after the main Andover pages.

Andover/North Andover Directory 1893-1894

Andover Directory 1897-1898

Andover Townsman Directory 1899

Andover Townsman Directory 1904

Andover Townsman Directory 1908

Andover Directory 1913

Andover Townsman Directory 1913

Andover/North Andover Directory 1916

Andover/North Andover Directory 1918-1919

Andover/North Andover Directory 1920