Masks are Required in the Library

by order of the Town of Andover Select Board, September 13, 2021

Memorial Hall Library

Check Out Our New Bespoke Book Bags (for Grownups)

bespoke book bags

Since we launched our Children's Book Bundles and Teen Book Bags, we've heard from a lot of adults asking, "But what about us?" Great news: we're launching our Bespoke Book Bags service for grownups looking to get in on the fun! Just fill out this form and our reference librarians will get to work picking out 2-5 surprise books for you based on your interests. We'll only choose from books that are currently on the shelf at MHL, so this is a great way to get something to read soon if you're waiting for a popular hold to come in, or if you just want a little surprise in your life. If that sounds good to you, fill out this request form now! This is a free service open to all MHL library users--you don't need to specifically have an Andover card to request a Bespoke Book Bag.