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New York Times gamesDid you know? You can use your Andover library card to enjoy games and puzzles from the New York Times, including the iconic Crossword. Visit to get started!

July 2022 Mid-Month Sudoku

Did you hear? You can now use your Andover library card to enjoy games and puzzles from the New York Times. Besides Sudoku, it has Spelling Bee, Letter Boxed, Tiles, Vertex, and the full and mini Crosswords. Visit to get started...

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July 2022 Puzzle: Globetrotter's salutations and sayonaras

If you're thinking of traveling, be sure to get a good guidebook! We have an extensive collection of travel guides from Fodor's, Frommer's, Lonely Planet, Moon, Rick Steves, Rough Guides, Footprint, Eyewitness, Brandt, Falcon Guides, and more! Those, plus dozens of Travel DVDs, are located on...

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June 2022 Mid-Month Sudoku

Have you ever wondered what numbers do when they're not in Sudoku puzzles?  We have books for that!  From Very Short Introductions for numbers and ...

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June 2022 Puzzle

Whether you've got a summer trip ahead, are exploring local destinations, or are an avid armchair traveler, we bet you've never been to these mythical destinations--but let us know if you find one!  

May 2022 Mid-Month Sudoku

If you're having trouble solving this month's puzzle, why not learn to use C# to build your own code for solving Sudokus?  Okay, maybe that's the long way around!  But if you do want to learn to code--or if you're...

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May 2022 Puzzle: Dumb Bike Joke

We're getting into some fine bike-riding weather! Did you know that bicycles are considered one of the most efficient human transportation machines ever made, not to mention environmentally friendly? That's assuming that they're working, though. If your bike needs some attention and getting to...

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April 2022 Mid-Month Sudoku

Whether you've received a BA in math, like the presenter of our upcoming Zoom program on women at NASA, or whether your Sudoku credentials come from another source, we hope you enjoy this month's Sudoku--no math required!

April 2022 Puzzle: Flowery language

If the snow drops, crocuses, and scilla popping up everywhere are any indication, spring has definitely sprung! What better time for a flower-themed crossword? If you're someone who enjoys flowers or likes to garden, be sure to check out our...

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March 2022 Mid-Month Sudoku

Need a break from March Madness?  Maybe this month's Sudoku will be more your speed.  Enjoy!

February 2022 Mid-Month Sudoku

What does Sudoku mean to you, or what role does it fill in your life?  Here's one perspective from The Daily News Journal (of Murfreesboro, Tenn.), accessed through...

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