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New York Times gamesDid you know? You can use your Andover library card to enjoy games and puzzles from the New York Times, including the iconic Crossword. Visit to get started!

September 2021 Puzzle: Literary Feast

The theme of this month's crossword includes names of famous authors. If you'd like get an email or text whenever the library orders new titles by your favorite authors, be sure to subscribe to Author Alerts. It's a fast, free,...

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August 2021 Mid-Month Sudoku

As I was cataloging an item for the Andover Room, our local history collection, I noticed the cover listed Memorial Hall Library's phone number as simply "314," which looks more like a combination you'd see in Sudoku than a phone number! ...

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August 2021 Puzzle

The month's crossword features a Wall Street aphorism that many investors can likely relate to. If you are someone who's into investing, speculating and trading, or personal wealth management, make sure you're aware of the resources offered by the library which can help you make the right...

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July 2021 Mid-Month Sudoku

We hope your're keeping cool while you enjoy this month's Sudoku puzzle!  In addition to puzzles, MHL offers a variety of resources, including an e-book on how to use...

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July 2021 Puzzle

We're not going to flat-out tell you what the theme of this month's puzzle is, but if you run into a jam, may we suggest you take break and spend a few minutes looking over the list of magazines we have at the library...

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June 2021 Mid-Month Sudoku

What do Sudoku puzzles have in common with library books?  -- They both involve sequences of numbers!  While most library call numbers that we use here for our nonfiction books aren't as long as a nine-digit sequence in Sudoku, for topics with lots of books, we do have some call numbers as long...

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June 2021 Puzzle

In honor of the newest state holiday in Massachusetts, which is celebrated this month, we hope you enjoy this themed crossword puzzle!  If you want to learn more about this holiday, you can request a copy of a...

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May 2021 Mid-Month Sudoku

All of the sudoku (and crossword) puzzles we publish on this website are created by two of our reference librarians.  But are hand-created sudoku superior to computer-generated ones?  This...

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May 2021 Puzzle

Celebrity biographies are the theme of this month's puzzle.  All of the titles featured in this month's puzzle are available from the library--though you'll have to solve to figure out what they are!  If you've already read the books mentioned in this puzzle, you may also enjoy ...

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April 2021 Mid-Month Sudoku

April showers bring May flowers--and in the meantime, they bring a good time to work on a puzzle!  If it's a rainy spring, though, this Sudoku won't be the only indoor entertainment you need.  If you like jigsaw puzzles as well as math puzzles, you might be interested to know that MHL has...

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